Make Your Own…Monday

April 30, 2012

It seems I’ve gotten out of my regular blogging habit. That and I’m on the road a lot this year so far. I just got back from teaching in Philadelphia a bit over a week ago and I’m leaving for Florida. This bouncing around has been disruptive to, well, everything. I have one more event after this trip that’s nearer the end of May and then I stay home until August, (back to Philadelphia for Bead Fest!).

I am really looking forward to a good long dose of studio time. It’s like a good drink of water for the thirsty at this point. I do make things in between everything. For example, I was able to start on an experiment for work I’ve had on my mind for awhile now: window jewelry. They have windows In them so whatever you’re wearing shows thru a bit. Then the jewelry always matches! I got the basics of a pin made in my hotel room in Philadelphia one night. I can’t wait to explore that series of ideas more.

This picture is the sunset in Oaks, PA from my hotel window. I seem to collect sunsets from every hotel window so far this year. Something must be percolating there. Either it’s jewelry or a new book that I’m going to make or both, I don’t know…

So in honor of making, I declare it Make Your Own Monday. Check out how to make your own fresh ginger ale! Check out:



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