There is something intrinsically odd about moving across the country in a day. It’s like time gets bent somehow…
Yesterday when I was stuck in Chi Town the two hour time difference wasn’t so bad but just add one more hour and things tend to get weird.. For example: just trying to figure out when to eat breakfast. If I eat at 8 in the morning here it’s 5 am ‘stomach time’. Think of how hard that is on the ole stomach.
My next observation is that last year when I was Philadelphia there was an NCIS marathon on TV. Last year when I got here I was sick and had just gotten a tooth pulled. So I spent my extra day sleeping off and on with the marathon going on, (in the Queen suite they gave me), I had never seen NCIS before that. So oddly, there is yet another NCIS marathon going on that I’ve been listening to as I organize my class materials. Has the marathon been running all year? Even stranger I’ve never seen any of these episodes…


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