I Saved the Life of a Dragonfly

July 13, 2009

dragonfly-info0 Last week, I went into ArtWorks and found that some wall panels were returned that are needed for the ArtSplash show this week.

I went behind one of the panel sets to see what sort of clearance there was and I found a beautiful dragonfly sitting on the cement floor there.  I wasn’t sure  if it was alive so I blew gently on it and it fluttered it’s wings.  Ahhh, now what to do?  I thought it needed to get back outside so I raised one of the garage doors a little way and it just stayed where it was despite the sudden daylight and sunshine.

Well, dragonflies are rather large and I just couldn’t imagine actually picking this one up.  Handling bugs isn’t something I’m willing to do.  So I got a piece of paper and what do you know – the dragonfly crawled right onto it.  It was like it knew what I was trying to do.   So I walked it out to one of our planters and set it down beside a heather.  It sort of fluttered it’s wings but stayed there.  I figured that the poor thing was dehydrated so I went and got our hose.  I gave it some water and sort of spritzed it with some sprinkles from my fingers and went and watered our other planters.  I went back and checked on it and it was still there, seemingly drinking water.   As I was going back into the building, I saw another dragonfly fly over the planter that the refugee dragonfly was in so I went inside thinking it was be best not to disturb them.

A little while later I went outside to check up on whether the dragonfly recovered and it was gone.  When I looked up, about 8 dragonflies flew over me and circled around the tree in that planter.  It was like a private aerial show as a thank you.  Periodically through the day I remembered that I had saved the life of a dragonfly.  What a great feeling.  How cool is that?


5 Responses to “I Saved the Life of a Dragonfly”

  1. That is very cool!!!

  2. Sydney Wellman said

    Meredith, you are now the dragonfly queen and I bow down to you. The aerial show was the Universe speaking.

    • meredith11 said

      Hey Syd,
      The Universe is being heard!
      I’ve started noticing dragonflies when I learned how they were a sign of the health of the environment. They’re like the canary in the mine. They have started flying around ArtWorks regularly now. I love them!

  3. dragonfly lover said

    I also had the most wonderful feeling when I helped a dragonfly that appeared resting on a cement ledge at work. several hours later ,I went outside and it was still there. I then noticed that one of his legs appeared stuck to the cement ledge. I got him onto a piece of paper, and luckily had the opportunity to get a closer look at him, actually looking straight into his eyes before he was able to fly away. It was a wonderful experience that I won,t soon forget.
    dragonfly lover

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