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Sharky Shark Has Dreams, Too!

February 25, 2013

It's been awhile since I've posted anything about Sharky Shark but I want to tell you that's not for lack of Sharky adventures. Nope. Sharky is alive and well, still hungry and wiggling his way around day to day life just like the rest of us!

It seems that sharks have become very popular of late – or so Sharky tells me or shows me. It's getting pretty incredible what sorts of things a shark has to dream about now. Not such things as iPads or paintbrushes (ahem, that would be me actually) but there is plenty of fodder for Sharky's dreams out there. Here are some:


His own clothes hamper – even though he doesn't wear any clothes! Is it for the clothes he chews up? Is this a hint that he thinks clothes are just a chew toy? Oh Sharkey…if only you could learn how to talk around all of those teeth!


Where is Sharky Shark??

October 4, 2009

Sharky Shark has been hiding… All I can see is a bit of his tail hanging down from the overhead exhaust fan over the stove.  I think he must have done something wrong because he’s been hiding there for weeks.

What do you do with a depressed shark?  Is there such a thing as a shark therapist?  Hmmm, that’s doubtful.  If there were, they would probably all be eaten in the first 2 minutes of a session.  Of course, there wouldn’t be any rubber shark therapists because not many rubber sharks are as lively as Sharky Shark.  Or as lively as Sharky Shark has been, I should say.

I’ve read that a shark’s sense of smell is very keen.  I now have true proof: Sharky Shark has been trying to bite his way into our refridgerator for a few days now.  I wonder what makes him think he can get into the fridge considering the scale of it compared to his puniness?   Sharky Shark must be compensating for being so small a shark.  His poor ego makes him menace 24 hours a day, biting everything in his path, threatening anything and anyone he can as much as possible.   Really, Sharky, could you tone it down for a bit?

Sharky tries to get into the refridgerator.

Sharky tries to get into the refridgerator.

Sharky must think that it’s the refridgerator magnets that keep the door closed because he keeps biting them, too.  If the refridgerator were all that were keeping our fridge together we would have a miniature shark inside the fridge by now.   I can only imagine what he would do to the food in there.

Do you think he’s figured out that’s where I’ve started keeping my bathing suit or is he just perpetually hungry??

 Sharky has left the bathroom! OH NO! This means that our whole house is game now.  It also means that I have to be observant to find out what he’s doing now…  Where is Sharky?   Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Sharky Shark!

   When one of my brothers lived with us he was often heard to comment that he thought we (my husband and I) are crazy.  I admit that both of us do create a lot of humor just naturally around the house and in our world.  It delights us and there isn’t anything we like much better then to laugh or make others laugh.  We often have a little contest to see who can make the check out clerk laugh first or best.   Laughter is our business.

  So in comes Sharky our resident pet shark.  Sharky was given to me by my dear friend Ann (she tortures me with orange but that’s another story!).  Sharky is a fairly menacing rubber shark of small proportion but large dreams. Yes, really.  SharkyReadsSharkNEWSweb    Sharky calls our bathroom home.  Some days Sharky just hangs out but his favorite thing to do is act like a big shark (unlike the small shark that he really is).  Sharky spends an inordinate amount of time practicing his menacing skills to prove that he is a big shark.  I’m sure that when we’re not in there, he is watching himself in the mirror practicing his gaping maw look or how to have mean furled eyebrows.  Really he’s just a rubber boy.

  One day, Sharky decided he wanted to eat the other animals that pop up in our world once in awhile.  Sharky thought he would be helpful toward that end and make some suggestions to them for a cook out.   SharkysCampOut

Sharky brought all the pots and pans that he thought might be needed.  He thought this might fool them into thinking he was more civilized then he really is.

 But of course, Sharky has no idea what to do with  all the parts that come with the pots and pans…

  Because of this, the woodland animals, being a smart bunch, knew that Sharky’s nature was really just hungry.  They knew that the  type of hungry in Sharky’s nature was  that he would eat anything without bothering to cook it first.  This is the way of a shark, after all.  The big tip off, of course, was that Sharky thought the pot lids were supposed to be hats and he couldn’t stop himself from trying to eat a pot!


   After all, what are all those teeth for anyway if not to bite things?  Stay tuned for more of Sharky’s Adventures in the Vortex!