Happy Sun Storm Seattle!



Sharky Shark Has Dreams, Too!

February 25, 2013

It's been awhile since I've posted anything about Sharky Shark but I want to tell you that's not for lack of Sharky adventures. Nope. Sharky is alive and well, still hungry and wiggling his way around day to day life just like the rest of us!

It seems that sharks have become very popular of late – or so Sharky tells me or shows me. It's getting pretty incredible what sorts of things a shark has to dream about now. Not such things as iPads or paintbrushes (ahem, that would be me actually) but there is plenty of fodder for Sharky's dreams out there. Here are some:


His own clothes hamper – even though he doesn't wear any clothes! Is it for the clothes he chews up? Is this a hint that he thinks clothes are just a chew toy? Oh Sharkey…if only you could learn how to talk around all of those teeth!


On the Road Again

February 5, 2012

 It’s time to get to Tucson for the last week of the big gem show.  I’ll try to post some pix of this Year’s adventures!  In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with some ideas for surfing Pinterest!  Try searching for:

Hello Kitty – I saw some pretty hilarious things when I did this





Have fun!


Do You Use Pinterest?

January 26, 2012

 If you don’t know about Pinterest check it out.  I think it was made with visual artists in mind.  It is essentially a site that lets you create a variety of electronic bulletin boards and pin all sorts of things to those bulletin boards such as pictures, ideas, books you like or would like to read and so on.  You get to decide what each bulletin board will be about.  I have 12 I think.  Some of the categories I’ve given them include Polka Dots, Fun Stuff, Sharkey Loves, My Style, Jewelry AHA!, Cozy Spaces and Small Houses and more.  in pursuit of things to pin to my boards I’ve found a step by step picture tutorial on how to make your own paper clay, cool lamps that would be easy and fun to make (like out of straws and liter bottles!), great genie shoes, jewelry ideas and garden houses I wish I could have in my yard.

  To pin something to a board:  you can RePin items from other people’s Pinterest pages, upload your own things or add pins from websites online.  In this way you can collect all sorts of things and keep them in one place.  People will visit your boards and see what you’ve collected.  Some may even RePin some of the things you’ve collected to have them on their own boards on their Pinterest page.  It’s pretty interesting actually. Or would that be pinteresting?  Www.pinterest.com

I know I haven’t been keeping you up to date on the doings of Sharky Shark but he’s around and still up to tricks. For example, Halloween he decided he wanted to dress up and trick or treat. He told me that he wanted camoflouge himself as Old Granny so he could be The Big Bad Wolf. I told him he would have to have bigger eyes to do that.

Now of course the holidays are upon us and some parts of the greater Seattle area have actually snow already. I can tell that Sharky is thinking about what he wants for Christmas because he’s leaving me hints… He says he doesn’t want the hat. He wants the baby. NO SHARKY, NO!

When did life turn into the speed of light? Can anybody tell me when it switched from lazy days watching bugs in the grass or spending part of a day looking at clouds and hunting for anthills to this supersonic speed of days flashing by as if I’m living on a bullet train traveling at 120 mph? It isn’t even summer yet in Seattle and I feel like summer is almost over already… I know, the rest if the country is in the oven except Minnesota and Seattle. I’ve heard. So does the heat slow down your days? Is life running so fast here because it’s not as warm as the rest if the country? There’s an interesting thought.
Oh and on another topic: remember Sharkey Shark? He’s still hanging around looking for the pigs and what not. I’m sure he’s going to cause some trouble very soon…stay tuned.

Dear Sharky Shark…

April 26, 2011

Dear Sharky Shark,

I got an email for you last week from a friend.  There was a message referring you to a blog you would like.  The blog is written by a friend of mine, Cassy Muronaka.  She is a woman with teeth – rather fitting, don’t you think Sharky?

Yes there is a story about that “Woman with Teeth” and it is Cassy’s story actually.  We even created an emoticon for ‘woman with teeth’:


See what I mean?  The story is Cassy’s, the emoticon is mine.  Trust me, we have laughed ourselves silly over lunch and never knew if we even ate…

Anyway, Sharky, you would really only care about seeing this:


If it’s at all possible, Sharky, let me know what you think in any way other than drool okay?

Remember Hermie the elf in Rudoolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with Burl Ives?  He so wanted to become a dentist.  He hated doing elf things and ran away with Rudolph to meet Yukon Cornelius.  Well,  Sharky Shark has decided he wants to become a dentist.  I suppose it makes sense: he has a ton of teeth, he’s all about gnashing of said teeth so must have experienced some repercussion from such gnashing and he loves biting.

I would be afraid that Sharky wants all the teeth for himself however….

It’s true.  Sharky was looking over my shoulder as I was surfing the net…

Okay, let me back up here: I was in Santa Fe teaching last week and I found Santa Fe Pen, (www.santafepens.com) in the small, quaint Sambusco mall.  Have I told you that I love vintage fountain pens yet?  Probably not.   Well, I do.  And I found a pen I’ve been looking for for over 10 years now.  It’s a beautiful pearl red Esterbrook SJ,  (meaning smaller than most fountain pens would be).  Well, long story short, this means I now need bottled ink so that I can fill the pen hence this episode of net surfing pen purveyors and inks and refills…

Esterbrook SJ Fountain Pen: isn't it pretty?

Okay, you’re all caught up now.  So Sharky Shark was looking, more like hovering, over my shoulder while I was looking at this great site, www.penboutique.com, for ink.  There on the home page of that site it was *LOVE* at first sight for Sharky Shark!  Can you imagine?  All those teeth and all that drool?  GADS what a mess…  Here is the object of his affection:

Oh yeah, just what I need...don't you wish you had one of these?