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January 24, 2015

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Making a Video!

November 11, 2014

I know I have been rather quiet of late… I am in the midst of my wonderful, new project: teaching online for I have been in the pre-production phase for many weeks now. What does that mean? It involves creating a 7 part video first. The video comes down to figuring out what is important to teach, how to say it and show it as well as creating the pieces that show the methods on the way to the end result in at least 3 steps plus the finished piece: so think 4 pieces for each 'chapter' or segment. Wow. That's busy!

We film the video next week! I'm so excited to do this! But here is what happens as an artist: cycles of pure confidence in what I know and can teach but then…a crises of confidence: consuming nervous anticipation that I'll be a total flub on camera. It's crazy. Where does this come from? I know what I know. I can only be me. They can edit, stop, start, reshoot, edit and did I mention EDIT? BREATHE! It'll be fun. REEEEALLLLY!


Studio Time is Fun!

April 18, 2014

Even though ArtWorks is pretty busy these days I always look forward to Art Spa Open Studio on Fridays. Artists drift in and out just to chat, knowing that other artists will be there working on something. It's a good touchstone day but I never get much done when people are there. Usually after they have all left is my time to get at least a few things made – usually components for jewelry or a specific project. Because it's so busy I don't bring anything super ambitious to work on. This way I'm happy if I can get three or four good results before I go home.

Today I got three pieces done and two of those I'm particularly happy with. They stretch my jewelry into new directions and expand into a new line for me in altered metals. I'm very excited about this work and hope others will find it appealing, too. Regardless, I'm having a great time finally bringing some ideas I've had for years into reality at last. I'm working on these new directions for the Garden Gallery show I am participating in next month and the Edmonds Art Studio Tour in Sept.

Check out for details when they're available.

I have to say that my life really is quite an adventure. The things that come across my desk (so to speak), are incredibly diverse and not what one would expect of a middle aged artist. Every once in awhile I stop and sum up what is in front of me and I have to say that more often than not, I'm surprised. I'm surprised by offers, opportunities and the details mixed in with the usual suspects that I expect in my business. Are you ready for this? In the past 6 months I've received:

An inquiry from a producer to be a juror on a TV show for…taxidermy art – just a forewarning if you Google that. It's very odd, some weird, some wonderful…some could cause nightmares…but I would do it. Why not?

A book proposal – me write a book? Okay!

Two requests for submission of my work in other people's books

Two video deals pending – one an interview and one to produce a how-to

A request to teach at Jewel School Institute for Jewelry TV – yup, I'll be there in March for Mixed Media Madness!

And then there's my every day work: a new business I'm working on, deadlines for submissions for next year, pictures to be shot, cropped and sent, contracts to read, revise, sign, galleries to get work to and somewhere in there I need to make that work. Then I have the day job: ArtWorks, which requires a lot of attention, too.

Then in January all at once both cars had to go into the shop, there have been some family situations requiring a lot of driving (I rented a car), and my house phone stopped working! Hmmm, no wonder my house is a wreck. I'm hoping this means I get past a lot of chaos and the rest of the year will be a calm oasis of island breezes…HA!


Dreaming of Things to Come

October 25, 2012

I'm working away like mad making new jewelry for the show in Switzerland. My time is running short and of course life doesn't just stop when you have big things to do and little time to get them done. I got 4 contracts today – all of which need thorough reading and who knows what else. Then it occurs to me that I need to finish some things for one of the galleries that carries my work so they'll have it for holiday season. When it rains, it pours. This is one of those times when I remember the days when I didn't have my work anywhere, I wasn't working in any art related field, and I just dreamed of the day when I would be steeped in art every day in some way. Here I am! NO complaints! So what are the big dreams of things to come now?

Lately I've been daydreaming about a proper Jeweler's bench and dust extractor system. Weird, I know. But check these benches out!

I think I have bench lust though I like the bench I recently made and am using. I'm thrilled to be working in the studio after such a long hiatus. I can't wait to get home and get in there after work or on my days off. Right now it's late evening and I'm already looking forward to what I'll work on tomorrow. So what does that take? To get that excitement in doing your own work? I think getting out of your own way. The joy is in the doing. The more you do, the more intrigued you become. Make your work your priority and it all falls into place. So while I do have bench lust, wish for a bigger space to work in and all that I'm really dreaming of things to come: finishing the pieces on my bench so I can move on to those other pieces I have in my head!


Molded Resin is Fun!

July 19, 2012

I have been working on a new series of jewelry that brings together resin, my polymer veneers, collage, resin paper, mica, glitter, metal and my etched metal pieces. I think of it as jewelry that speaks… This is the first pendant in the series.

This picture is linked to the Bead Fest Philadelphia website because my class there in August, 'Out of the Box with Resin', is all about creating things like this pendant. This piece was not sanded in any way!

Another fun thing about jewelry like this is it changes how it looks depending on what you're wearing behind it. The translucency communicates what's behind it. This is the sort of thing I love when traveling. I can wear it with different clothes and people think it's a new and different piece of jewelry every time! Check it out on blue….


The Long Way Home

October 27, 2011

It took me 28 hours and 3 flights to go from Dallas, Texas to Seattle, WA via St. Louis and Chicago. I hope I got a lot of mileage points out of this trip. Through the perils, (or adventures!) of travel I got stranded in St. Louis though nicely stranded in a Hilton Hotel. However, by the time I got to said nice hotel I was so tired that I couldn’t even figure out what was missing with my luggage that went elsewhere. I always check through my tools, equipment and toiletries and carry on my clothes. So luckily, I had clothes when flying. But I didn’t have the obvious things like toothbrush, shampoo, and so on. All I could think of was food and sleep when I finally made it to the Hilton. I had eaten some instant oatmeal and almonds for breakfast back in Texas that morning at 7. By the time I was trying to figure out dinner it was after 8 p.m. and I was one starving traveler. Dinner arrived about 9ish and I was ready to eat the silverware. I had to get to bed as soon as I was done because my plane out was at 6:10 a.m. and required me to be at the airport at 4:30 a.m.
So I get up and take a shower at 3:30 a.m. A few scant hours after going to sleep. I get out of the shower and realize with horror that I don’t have a brush or comb or deodorant and am facing a very long day with two flights on the agenda. I apologize to all that may have seen me. I’m hoping they all thought I was just practicing for Halloween…

The funniest thing was getting to airport only to find that it wasn’t even open. I got to be the first in line to wait for TSA to open. Of course, once through the security gauntlet it was clear that nothing was open…no coffee to be had until an enterprising Burger King opened and everyone flocked to get coffee and a semblance of breakfast. Me included. I was so tired that I walked past my gate twice and I was looking for it. Of course it was directly across from the Burger King where I had my eye on to catch a shorter line.

Finally it was on to an uneventful flight to Chicago. Then the long haul to Seattle, a shuttle ride home, some lunch and to bed for a well deserved nap! I thought the big marathon of this trip was last Saturday when I taught the 8:30-4 class and then a 5:30-8:30 p.m. class the same day with another all day class on Sunday starting at 8:30 in the morning. Little did I know that Monday and Tuesday had so much more in store for this short trip. I think it’s going to take a week to recuperate. It’s great to be home.

 Leaf Ring, made of fine silver        

   I have been busy working on an article for Jewelry Artist magazine.  It’s created a renewed interest for me in my work, too. I can feel new directions coming up that I’m getting really excited about! That’s all I can tell you for now so look for my upcoming article soon.polymer clay, metal, silk, paper clay, paper


  Polymer Clay EarringsLook for the new gallery section on my website at 

   I still have some work to do on this because I want to continue to show my student’s work but the bulk of it is done.

     Also updated my store on Cafe Press for Spring: 


     My theme for Spring is Peace, (I want to shout this which is a little ironic. I just want it so badly).  On that note, expect to see images meant to evoke peace in your environment or evoke some thoughtful meditation applied to some useful items for your every day life. I have bought more stuff from my own store than anyone has. I love Cafe Press.

   I taught at the BizArt Conference recently. What a great event! It’s a conference designed to help artists on a variety of really relevant subjects.  

    The lunch time discussion panel included a writer, performing artist, puppet master, and mixed media artist. I was the mixed media artist.   I really enjoyed this session, but then you give me a microphone and I’m going to have fun with it. The comedian in me certainly became part of that scenario. It just feels good to make people laugh and I love the energy it creates around me.  I hope others enjoy it, too.

Etched Copper Beads

   I’m posting some of the questions and  answers that were asked at the discussion panel  here because I think they’re ones we’ve all asked at some point or are still asking: 

1. How do you find the time to do your work?

  Answers:  Use the bits of time you have between things when you can: a spare 10 min. here or there, whatever fits into the slot.  It’s amazing how much gets done when you have to work this way. 

     Also carve out a specific time for yourself for the purpose of doing your work. Some people designate 3 hrs. each morning, or a day of the week. Whatever works is fine, just do it.  If Friday morning is always your “Studio Morning” work everything around that. This time is for that purpose only. Don’t allow anything to interrupt it short of an emergency and you’ll find that this time becomes yours as others begin to accept it and you take it seriously enough to make that committment. 

  And there is that big word: committment.  Another post on that one, soon!