Happy Sun Storm Seattle!




November 30, 2013

Not the prettiest vegetable around but my Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without them. I know they’re a midWest thing: my father was from Indiana. The checker in the grocery asked my husband what they taste like. His explanation: you know how broccoli smells when you cook it? That’s what at rutabagas taste like…sort of. I was stumped to give him an answer other than to make mention of vague broccoli flavor… I couldn’t imagine not knowing rutabagas.
Now I’ve started asking people if they’ve ever had rutabagas after my good friend said she’s never tried them. She’s 80. I was so surprised that she had never had them that this comment opened a window in my mind (really? Because of rutabagas?). Yup.
What is something you have never tried? I started listing some things mentally and thought to myself: when I’m 80 (I should be so lucky), what is there that I will have wished I tried? Probably not pate de fois gras (ewwww, I don’t like innards) but certainly some sort of food in Istanbul…