So I haven’t posted here in quite awhile.  I was slammed at work and life for months.  Then I went to teach at Bead Fest Philadelphia in August and on the way back to Seattle I stopped in Colorado to attend an invitational retreat that I have been trying to get to for years.  Just before leaving I realized that I can’t work like this anymore.  There isn’t any break from the demand, no time to create, everybody always wants my help with something.  This isn’t the life I would choose for myself but here it is.  So before I left I told one college that I wouldn’t be teaching for them anymore.  I also decided that I will not be going out on the road so much anymore.  As much as I love my adventures it is clear that it’s very disruptive.  It takes a lot of time to organize everything, order materials for kits and classes, maintain inventory of the materials, count everything single thing for kits, pay for every single thing…I could go on and on.  Let’s just say that I’m currently a couple thousand dollars out and impatiently waiting to get paid (they take 40 days for goodness sake – ridiculous!).  So why would anyone want that job? I don’t.

  Unbelievably, I got a phone call today for work (on SUNDAY morning, I was barely awake).  It was business.  No emergency.  Just somebody wanting something and they have my cell phone number.  Really?  It couldn’t wait for a business day?  If I were teaching this weekend I would be juggling this call and a class at the same time? Ugh.

  Before I left I was awakened almost every day by a text message or a phone call.  I was scrambling around trying to get everything together to all hours of the night and people were waking me up 5 hours after I went to bed.

   It occurs to me to say: it’s my phone for MY needs.  Please don’t call me before 9 AM.

  So beyond the venting here there is a real life.  The real life I am choosing includes working in my studio, seeing my husband, cleaning my kitchen and even painting downspouts for the house.  Because I don’t work every minute.  No one ever said on their death bed: gosh, I wish I had worked more…


Molded Resin is Fun!

July 19, 2012

I have been working on a new series of jewelry that brings together resin, my polymer veneers, collage, resin paper, mica, glitter, metal and my etched metal pieces. I think of it as jewelry that speaks… This is the first pendant in the series.

This picture is linked to the Bead Fest Philadelphia website because my class there in August, 'Out of the Box with Resin', is all about creating things like this pendant. This piece was not sanded in any way!

Another fun thing about jewelry like this is it changes how it looks depending on what you're wearing behind it. The translucency communicates what's behind it. This is the sort of thing I love when traveling. I can wear it with different clothes and people think it's a new and different piece of jewelry every time! Check it out on blue….


Hurricane Irene

August 27, 2011

Where have I been?  I was teaching in the Philadelphia area these last two weeks.  It rained a lot and I had to apologize to my students for bringing my Seattle weather with me.  They had flash floods there was so much rain.  In fact, on the last day of the Bead Fest show it was announced on the overhead speaker: There is a white Pontiac parked at XYZ parking area.  Please go and look at your car.  You may want to move it.  The water is rising.

Wow, that was weird.

Then even weirder, I was teaching at Potomac Beads in Phoenixville, PA and there was an earthquake.  Someone said: what is that?  I told them it was an earthquake, the rolling wave type, but they didn’t quite believe me.  I don’t think they realized that in Seattle we are experienced earthquake surfers… so I apologized for not only bringing my rain with me but also the earthquake.

My plane was delayed from taking off because of Hurricane Irene.  I was in a line up of about 15 or so planes trying to get out of Philadelphia.  We were told that there was no guarantee when we would actually take off.  We left late and i had 15 minutes to catch my connecting flight when we finally touched down in Chicago.  I ran and was one of the last 4 people on the plane.  WHEW!

I have some more stories for you, with pictures so stay tuned!

Bead Fest Philadelphia

June 14, 2011

Bead Fest Philly is August 19-21.  I can’t wait!  I love this event.  I always find a new tool, learn some new thing and see great art jewelry made by students and instructors alike.  This time my friend, Bea Grob, is coming from Switzerland and rooming with me.  We always end up taking one evening and making stuff.  In Tucson in Feb. we worked on resin jewelry in our hotel room.  I don’t know what we’ll pounce on this trip but I’ll try to remember to post some pictures afterwards.

Bea is creating a very cool mixed media retreat that will be in Bauma, Switzerland in 2012.   So far, wire jewelry artist Dale Cougar Armstrong  and I have signed up to teach and things are percolating!

Bauma is about 40 minutes from Zurich and is a lovely village of almost 6,000.  I fell in love with the charm and beauty of the place in every building, the river meandering on one side and the incredible second hand stores in the area.   It was the first time I had ever seen a train that makes no noise, (electric trains).  This should be a great event so stay tuned!

For more info about these places and events:

Bead Fest:

Bauma, Switzerland:

What a Week!

August 23, 2009

I’m here in Philadelphia still and it’s been a whirlwind week.   I was lucky enough to get a room upgrade – ahhhh, the King Suite at the Scanticon Valley Forge.  Amazing room.  Heck, the whirlpool tub is as big as my bathroom at home.  The living room has been very nice to have and would have been a great party space if one were so inclined…

I’ve worked with so many great artists here and been able to see some old friends, meet some new and put faces to those I’ve met online that it’s been very fun.  Everyone seems to like what they’ve made or learned and are so jazzed with the info that it’s energizing.  I love that.

Yesterday I taped a guest segment for  the PBS show ‘Beads, Baubles and Jewels’ and demonstrated a fun technique with polymer clay.  This will be the 1000 series of episodes for the new season.   I don’t know which episode exactly though I hear that the last taping I did for them just aired somewhere in Texas yesterday.  That was odd timing!

Today I get to walk the show and visit some friends that are teaching that I have not been able to catch up to.   I’ll post some pix later!

Bead Fest Philadelphia

August 17, 2009

Bead Fest Philadelphia 2008 in Meredith's classroom. Such fun!

Bead Fest Philadelphia 2008 in Meredith's classroom. Such fun!

It’s time for Bead Fest Philadelphia again.

Remembering last year when Daryne Rockett and Hatch, her rubber chicken took my class.  What a hoot!

Saturday night was a special blast in my classroom though.  Daryne brought her harp into my classroom, played and sang some lovely songs for us.  It was an incredibly special experience.  What a great pinnacle to that trip despite my etching supplies never showing up because they didn’t get shipped…what a stressful deal that was last year.  Felicia Croom and others were wonderfully helpful in that ill fated class despite the challenge of not having what I had ordered.

I’m hoping that this year will be somewhat less adventurous then last year and then again, if Daryne popped in to play the harp, that would be one adventure I would welcome with open arms!

Meredith and Hatch, Bead Fest 2008.

Meredith and Hatch, Bead Fest 2008.

Of course, a visit from Hatch would be very welcome, too!  Isn’t he cute?

Perhaps Hatch should meet Sharkey Shark?  Now wouldn’t that be an adventure?  Hmmm, I think Sharkey should go on a field trip – heck, I’ll have two beds in my hotel room.  He can sleep in one.