Studio Time is Fun!

April 18, 2014

Even though ArtWorks is pretty busy these days I always look forward to Art Spa Open Studio on Fridays. Artists drift in and out just to chat, knowing that other artists will be there working on something. It's a good touchstone day but I never get much done when people are there. Usually after they have all left is my time to get at least a few things made – usually components for jewelry or a specific project. Because it's so busy I don't bring anything super ambitious to work on. This way I'm happy if I can get three or four good results before I go home.

Today I got three pieces done and two of those I'm particularly happy with. They stretch my jewelry into new directions and expand into a new line for me in altered metals. I'm very excited about this work and hope others will find it appealing, too. Regardless, I'm having a great time finally bringing some ideas I've had for years into reality at last. I'm working on these new directions for the Garden Gallery show I am participating in next month and the Edmonds Art Studio Tour in Sept.

Check out for details when they're available.


As an artist I’m always looking for things that inspire me, charge my batteries, spark my art. Things that intrigue or provoke some new ways of seeing or thinking are always on my radar.  I think that’s why I love to learn.  I collect websites that are good resources for these purposes.    Some of them are places that I would like to go and work through the techniques, styles presented or the project just looks like fun to try.  Each place offers another perspective or way of using color, design elements or materials.

Here are some of those resources that I have collected-

This blog has amazing digital collage pix using photography, color, and more and there is free, high quality clip art for you to use in your own art:

This site has a plethora of great techniques that would be fun to work through when stuck for what to do on a studio day or just to knock you out of your usual box:

I love books and altered books are a great way to try a lot of techniques and have them in one place for reference or to have a lot of different art in one place that’s very portable.  Not only does this site have altering books but it includes many, many more things to try:

This site has an amazing array of more spirit centered art ideas including nichos, milagros, dress forms and even tutorials:

Tips and techniques including artist trading cards and altered art:

A great tutorial for using tyvek and Lumiere paints:

I hope you find many things that will inspire you at these places.  There is so much to do and see and so little time!  Enjoy.