So let’s run a scenario: you teach and have the opportunity to make some money teaching somewhere.  People want to know what you know!  So the organization you are going to be teaching for asks you to fill out some info on a form like:

  1. a class description – please describe what you will teach.
  2. materials fee and what does it cover?
  3. submit an image or two of examples of what you will teach.

The form is pretty simple.  Obviously the organization will be promoting your class and doing all of the work of registration.  Make it easy for them to do this for you. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

I can’t tell you how predictable it is to not get what is needed to sell someone’s class, art work or to promote THEM. Why is that?


April Brings Exhibits!

March 29, 2015

I’ve been very busy!

Collage/assemblage with paper, paint, birch bark

Personal Maps #1: Breakthrough   Collage/assemblage with paper, paint, birch bark




April 6 – May 13 my collage/assemblage work will be featured at the Gallery at Towne Center in Lake Forest Park, WA.

Also April 16 – June 12 my jewelry work will be on display at the ArtsNow Gallery in the Edmonds Conference Center in Edmonds, WA.  The opening for this show will be April 16, 5-8 PM.



Collage/assemblage with paint, paper,

Gift to Life

Personal Maps #2: Symmetry

Personal Maps #2: Symmetry



Busy Artists Must Focus

October 8, 2014

Okay, so I got super busy here… The Edmonds Art Studio Tour was in the middle of Sept. so I was deep in production and getting ready for that.  The studio tour was great.  I met a lot of people and made some sales.  Woohoo!

Next up was the annual fund raiser for ArtWorks we call the Previously Loved Art Sale (  People donate their previously loved art and Art supplies all year for this sale.  We truly get some wonderful work by contemporary artists, local artists and also work that has been loved for decades, too.  It is amazing what comes through ArtWorks.  The money raised goes to the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation who in turn, pays the bills for ArtWorks so it all comes to artists.  How cool is that?  The artists in our community have no idea how fortunate they are.  Look around folks: do you see a lot of towns with so much support for artists?  They provide us with a place to work exhibit, hold shows, meet, hang out and as if that weren’t enough, there are the grants and scholarships they award to…yup, ARTISTS.  Lucky, lucky, us!

So anyway, our sale was phenomenal.  I believe it was the best attended and most money raised since I started working at ArtWorks in 2008.  Worth the zillion hours of dragging most every donation up to the attic and then back down for the sale.  I was totally surprised at how much stuff we had for the sale once it was laid out and hung up.  No wonder I’m so tired!  What a generous and supportive community.

Now it’s on to other projects: get new work into the gallery, and a bigger project that I’m not talking about…yet!

It’s Been Awhile…

October 8, 2013

I see that I haven’t posted since March. Like most bloggers my intentions were for better than that but life gets busy and takes priority – as it should! I have been focusing on learning how to be home. After years of traveling every 6-8 weeks it has taken quite a bit to get used to! I didn’t realize how conditioned I was to the rhythm of shopping for airfare, hotels, transportation, ordering supplies for the next round of classes, submitting proposals, creating new samples, getting photography of samples, creating PR pieces, writing class descriptions, packing, inventorying, unpacking, re packing…submitting samples, on and on.
I found that hanging out at home was hard. I thought I needed to be doing something all the time or that I should be leaving. I kept saying to myself: oh so this is how normal people relax… I used to know this! But of course I always find things to fill my time but I have that relaxation thing down now though it won’t last, of course. I would probably not know what to do with myself.
Maybe I’ll have something interesting to say and will blog again…we’ll see. I do have some new adventures in felting coming up! I’ll try to post the results soon.

Yahoo! It’s Clay Camp again! I can’t tell you how many stories I have from years and years of Clay Camp. Hilarious weekend adventures with other artists at play, where your meals are cooked for you, someone else does the dishes and at night you go to bed knowing you spent hours in the pursuit of your own art and witnessing others inspiration first hand. Every year I go and savor the drive, shedding my every day concerns with each mile of solid green trees and the sound of the river to my right. It’s only about an hour away (actually less, traffic permitting), but I take my time so I can transition my mind from mentoring others to thinking about what I want to do with my precious, precious time.

It’s not just about snagging some studio time in a great supportive space but it’s also about community. For quite a number of years we had mostly the same people. I always have an extra chair by my place that I call the ‘visitor’s chair’. When my friend Linda Goff was alive she would come and sit and we would chat and laugh, people would bring their chairs over after dinner and we would all laugh even more. I didn’t get much work done but gosh we had a lot of fun. There were photo opportunities like the ‘Kumquat Shot’ where 5 or 6 people lined up to try a kumquat at the same time. The resulting facial expressions and sudden movements caught by my camera were hilarious! I’ll have to dig that photo up.

Now Linda is gone and some people have moved on or like my friend Jayne (I call her Sayne), they’ve moved. Sayne came to camp every year for 10 hears from Portland, OR but she has now moved to Florida so we don’t see her at camp anymore. I was just visiting Sayne in Florida last week and we reminisced about a particularly rich event at camp where a friend of ours finally got that it how much more important it was to experience the color than worry about the mess, (thanks to Sayne!). It brought tears to our eyes just to remember this touching moment and I’ll never forget Sayne’s great, good work that day. My young friend Autumn is building her life now – she just got engaged! So instead of hanging with us older gals she’s nesting…and I often wonder what happened to many others when camp rolls around, (Lexi? Julia? Susan? Jan?). Our Noisy Late Nighter’s cabin used to be overbooked and now it’s our Light Sleepers/Early Riser’s that are in the majority. Not many sit in my visitor’s chair anymore and the Sunday night rabble rousers have definitely dwindled in the last 3 years or so. I actually make more stuff now but I miss the community we had that made so many memories together. We still have our hilarity, even on the low attendance years and this year we have many new faces. I’m sure there are great senses of humor and design to be discovered anew.


My New Rings

June 16, 2011

Fooled you! This is ALL polymer clay. I applied a patina from 'Faux Finishes', something my friend Nan Robkin has been teaching at ArtWorks.

I thought I would show you some of the new rings that I’ve made.  I’m still working on gaining hand strength and fine motor control but at least I’m doing something!  It’s all part of the process of relearning how I can do things so it’s all good, (for those that may not know I had my arm/wrist reconstructed in Sept.).

I fell in love with these petal shapes. Polymer clay and etched metal stack ring.


I’ve been taking etched metal components and polymer elements and combining them together with bronze wire.  Or just putting together polymer elements.  I’m having fun just making the parts and then collaging them together later.  It’s fun to see what goes with what in different combinations and how they feel.

I’m teaching this class about making these rings at the new Schack Arts Center in Everett, WA this Fall.

Polymer clay stack ring. I love this...

Dear Sharky Shark…

April 26, 2011

Dear Sharky Shark,

I got an email for you last week from a friend.  There was a message referring you to a blog you would like.  The blog is written by a friend of mine, Cassy Muronaka.  She is a woman with teeth – rather fitting, don’t you think Sharky?

Yes there is a story about that “Woman with Teeth” and it is Cassy’s story actually.  We even created an emoticon for ‘woman with teeth’:


See what I mean?  The story is Cassy’s, the emoticon is mine.  Trust me, we have laughed ourselves silly over lunch and never knew if we even ate…

Anyway, Sharky, you would really only care about seeing this:

If it’s at all possible, Sharky, let me know what you think in any way other than drool okay?

I admit it.  I am a Ready Made junkie.  If you have never heard of Ready Made magazine, let me be the first to tell you what you’re missing:

First off, Ready Made is inexpensive which makes total sense considering what it’s about.  Ready Made is about doing it yourself,  re-using materials and making some cool stuff.  It’s chock full of resources, ideas for making your own lamps, car campers, shelves, clothes, chandeliers, plastic bag placemats, chopstick bowls, shopping cart table, even a googly eyeball dress (Halloween anyone?).  Ready Made sponsors a 100 top projects with many of the winning entries available online at their website, (

The first time I ever read one of these magazines there was a very cool article about a guy who built his own car camper to support his surfing habit.  He had also altered a suitcase to hold more stuff and included a sliding tray to hold his art supplies.  It was very cool.  So many things to do!  So little time!

Missing Posts Apologies

March 20, 2011

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a little while and am off schedule.  I was teaching in Santa Fe at the annual Bead Fest there.  I didn’t stay as long as I usually do so I didn’t visit everyone on my list for when I’m there this time.  I hope they were too busy to notice.  =0

I have to say I really enjoyed staying at the The Lodge at Santa Fe.  Up on the hill above Santa Fe, the traditional adobe and authentic decor were lovely.  The room was fabulous – quiet, with real art, wood branch furniture and so on.  Very fun.  Plus my classes were in that hotel so the “commute” was the best I’ve had in SF so far.  The hotel people were incredibly personable and helpful which really goes a long way with me.  They gave me a CD of the music they had been playing and it had all the music on it that I was hoping to ask about.  How cool is that?  With the hour drive to the airport in Albuquerque the music was exactly right and made that a special memory for me.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget the lovely rolling, light, lime green of the desert and dark sage green of the scotchbroom or whatever it is on that drive and listening to music of the area, a combination of Native and Hispanic instrumentals and vocals.   You should have been there!

365 Posts!

February 19, 2011

You could read one post a day for a year all from me now.  Wow.  365 posts… Jeeez, what does one have to write about THAT much?  In a one way conversation?  Isn’t that odd?  Okay, we’re celebrating 365 posts here – don’t question it, Meredith!

OH. This one makes it 357!  I guess I should just go write a book. =D