Honesty with Self

March 19, 2014

Okay, I admit it: I am in love with possibilities. Doesn't this seem like a good thing? Always? Well, not necessarily. I just caught myself looking very intently at a new craft storage box as if it were so all important to know everything about it. Yet here I am divesting of tons of stuff, digging out my studio and lusting for actual space. So what is it about that sudden keen interest in yet another storage box when I already have a *whole box of storage boxes* waiting to be used? Possibilities!

The possibility that maybe this one will cure all my storage ills. The possibility that THIS one will be just the thing I need to turn the magic nut and PRANG! ALL WILL BE WONDERFULLY STORED, put away, easy to find, easy to put away again and I will see the floor again. I will be able to walk straight ahead without turning this way and that to avoid collisions…

Conclusion: it is way more fun to think about all of the possibilities than it is to just clean up the space! So guess where I'm off to? Back to putting all that stuff away! There WILL be visible floor and I will have room to work again – all without some perceived magic wand.


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