NW Polymer Clay Guild Fun

March 5, 2014

The NW Polymer Clay Guild meets the first Tuesday of each month in Lake City (Seattle). We always have a great time! This month the program was presented by my friend Wendy Lee Lynds and it was definitely out of our usual comfort zone. Wendy had us paint backgrounds, make marks, cut out images, colors, phrases and words from various materials and collage the painted papers during timed rounds for each task.

The progression from painting the backgrounds to collecting images, phrases and colors and then on to specifically selecting phrases that caught our eye compartmentalized each task so future tripping was kept to a minimum. It was by design to keep us in the moment!

Next we bound our books, created 'sudden poetry' so to speak and collaged in the colors and images with the text laid in last. Everyone was happily showing and sharing their books with each other at the end of the evening. This was inspiring, rich fun!

The overall comment about my book was: it's so much about color! I'm not surprised, are you? As Wendy said at the beginning: if you're happy with your results you can thank me. If anything goes wrong blame it on Meredith!

Thank goodness everyone caught on to the process and gained from that even if they didn't like their book at the end. Not much to blame me for! =)

Wendy explained that this process would end up being about ourselves at this moment in time and magically things would center on something without our conscious meddling. This was certainly true. Mine ended up being something like a Valentine to me and reflects some things I learned this year after being home more than I have in the last 8 years. The biggest lesson I learned? How to live at home day in and day out, being here now and not constantly coordinating schedules, timelines, or the next class, the next trip, the next contract…

Drunken obtuseness

For more information about the NW Polymer Clay Guild please see their website: http://www.nwpcg.org

To see a video with Wendy produced by ArtsNow/Edmonds Community College, click this:





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