Art Inventory

December 5, 2013

Oh-oh, a loaded subject. I can see eyes glazing over and thoughts of: do I have to??? I know I've blogged about business for artists before, in a lot of different ways but inventory deserves it's own space and time. It isn't that hard once you're set up for it. The advantages are knowing where your pieces are, what you priced them for, what sold or what didn't plus make it so much easier for a gallery or sales venue (and you, too) by having a together inventory. If you refer to the picture below of one of my past inventory sheets you'll see how it easy it is for the person making the sale to mark off which item sold. It helps to provide a small picture for them to identify the item at a glance so all they need do is mark it sold with the date or a check mark. Having this information is invaluable for me to match items to a particular sales venue. If something doesn't sell at one place it might at another so I increase my odds of making some money from my work. Plus it makes it simple for the venue to track my items.

For mixed media artists I suggest sitting down with everything you've made and categorize it. Create a table for each category. If you have paintings and collages then you would have one table for each. This makes it much easier to refer to the appropriate page for more information when a customer asks a question or for you to track items. I can't tell you how many artists show up at a gallery without an inventory much less an organized inventory of their work. The goal is to make it easy for you, a gallery or other sales venue to sell your wonderful work.



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