Pivot Place

December 3, 2013


A couple of very impressive women have gotten together to create an online community called Pivot Place, (www.pivotedmonds.com) for our community. The idea is to provide a community website for what sorts of things are available or going on combined with an artists marketplace somewhat similar to Etsy. The concept makes sense and and the people behind it are really wonderful so of course I jumped in! I love participating in anything where vibrant, brilliant women are working on supporting a worthy goal and this is proving to be just that sort of an endeavor.

Pivot Place recently did a soft launch so you can see it grow before your very eyes. There is much going on behind the scenes to improve the interface, expand artist offerings, etc. It’s one of those labors of love for the principles, Kathy Coffey and Susie Beresford, at this point but I can see and feel their intent for this beautiful and worthy idea and support them wholeheartedly. Stay tuned as Pivot Place emerges further from concept to reality! This project is worth watching! It’s like a Kickstarter project without Kickstarter at this point. If nothing else, you can see a few of my limited one-of-a-kind pieces that are only available on Pivot Place right now.


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