I Love Christmas

December 1, 2013

When I was growing up it was okay to spend a lot of time making things. I could paint and draw, cut things out and paste to my hearts content. I find that I still want to do these things today. So every time Christmas rolls around I start mulling fun things to play with for my list.
About 14 years ago I spent every day from Thanksgiving Day to Christmas Day making things. Paper and fabric, sequins, beads and glitter were everywhere. I started making ornaments for everyone. It was the best Christmas ever – at least for me. Ever since then I try to come up with a new handmade ornament every year. I’m not successful at this every year because of time, but I do think about it. One person in my family puts my ornament gifts on their tree every year. I was delighted to see this and knew then how fun this is for others, too.
If you decide to do this here is a word to the wise: simple is better! Don’t make it too complicated. You’ll overwhelm yourself and fail to get everything done. Keep it simple and fun: wreaths made from metallic pipe cleaners, or white pipe cleaners with glitter glue on them can be used as napkin rings or for a tree decoration, for example. Don’t mind me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE glitter glue! And I love getting to be Santa, too.


4 Responses to “I Love Christmas”

  1. Jenn said

    I have two words for you Glitter ornaments. All you need is some clear glass ornaments, Future floor polish, and glitter. Take the tops off the ornaments, pour in some Future, swirl it around to coat the glass & pour out the excess, then pour some glitter in & shake to coat. Pour out the excess glitter & let them dry before recapping the ornament. They look amazing and are super easy. I have an example somewhere in my Pinterest,if you want to see. Happy creating!

    • meredith11 said

      I did something like this using white glue instead of Future. I used hologram glitter and then beaded the ornaments like old fashioned swag style. It was that year’s ornament series. I think I broke all of mine like that but I have a box of clear ornaments in reserve still. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do this year for the ornament series…probably paper collage, glitter glue and foil tape dyed with alcohol inks. Last time I did this I didn’t make very many.
      Thanks for the clue on the Future!

  2. Jenn Dorion said

    I have a polymer clay idea in mind for this year. Taking a Doreen class has me thinking a lot about white clay & oil paint. We shall see… One day weekends tend to cut into one’s creative time. The glitter ones are fun, tho. I keep thinking about using the glitter technique for a BOH some time, too… You’ll have to show what you make, my friend!

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