It’s Been Awhile…

October 8, 2013

I see that I haven’t posted since March. Like most bloggers my intentions were for better than that but life gets busy and takes priority – as it should! I have been focusing on learning how to be home. After years of traveling every 6-8 weeks it has taken quite a bit to get used to! I didn’t realize how conditioned I was to the rhythm of shopping for airfare, hotels, transportation, ordering supplies for the next round of classes, submitting proposals, creating new samples, getting photography of samples, creating PR pieces, writing class descriptions, packing, inventorying, unpacking, re packing…submitting samples, on and on.
I found that hanging out at home was hard. I thought I needed to be doing something all the time or that I should be leaving. I kept saying to myself: oh so this is how normal people relax… I used to know this! But of course I always find things to fill my time but I have that relaxation thing down now though it won’t last, of course. I would probably not know what to do with myself.
Maybe I’ll have something interesting to say and will blog again…we’ll see. I do have some new adventures in felting coming up! I’ll try to post the results soon.


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