So Sophisticated and Yet So Stupid?

December 3, 2012

Do you feel a rant coming on? You should. I don't get how iOS and iPad technology can be so sophisticated and yet still so stupid. Two things I find incredibly annoying: my 2 year old iPad is no longer supported by Apple and I can't print or email just one sheet of a multi-sheet database from Numbers on the iPad. Really? Has no one in all of the Apple company never needed to email a single sheet from a database? What the heck do they do over there? How can this be?

Every time I want to send just page 3 as a PDF it ends up being pages 1-12 in the PDF. I have to direct people to specifically look at page 3 – and oh, sorry you have to wade through all that other stuff… I find this unbelievably lacking the usual cleverness of the oh so prescient Apple overlords. I can see how this would create quite a few problems all around in business. Imagine having a product list and wanting to keep your wholesale and retails prices with the product lists – oh but wait, you can't do that if you ever wish to email just one of the price sheets.

We paid more for this iPad than I've spent on a computer and because of the glaring omissions I still have to have a computer? I often tell people how I do everything on my iPad – and I do. Yes, I have an 'old' iPad but I run an art center, do scheduling and bookings, finances, email, contracts, sign contracts, fix photos, create promotional pieces, shop, book travel, pay bills, read, and so much more but if I want to email one sheet of my database I have to either save it out as a PDF, then take that PDF into PDF handling program and delete the unwanted sheets OR email the spreadsheet as an Excel file, pick up the email on my PC, then send out the wanted page from my PC email program. It makes me think of the old joke: how many hippies does it take to change a lightbulb? So how many steps does it take to email a single sheet of a database?



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