I Think I Have an Anvil Fetish

October 5, 2012

So one would think that a jewelry maker would have some sort of anvil and a bench block or two, (which would be a steel block to hammer on)…yup. To make metal spread out requires hammering the piece of metal using some sort of steel hammer and hammering on a steel block. Now it seems like every time I turn around I see an anvil or bench block that makes me want to have it. What is up with that?

This last week I had the great good delight (something I try to have often), of setting up my bench. I've been hammering stuff on a bench block on my kitchen counter for years. When my tools weren't in use I tucked them away into tool bags and drawers, making it a hassle to find what I need at any given moment, sucking time looking for things instead of working. This was okay before and after my arm was reconstructed a couple of years ago because I couldn't really do that sort of work anyway. But once I found I could hammer some metal again it was time to get things set up properly and get to work again. As I was arranging my bench and places for my tools I kept finding bench blocks and anvils! It was hilarious. Some are small, some bigger, some really heavy, some are light for traveling, some are like mini anvils. I think I've been collecting them and dreaming about using them or something, saving them for the day when I could. But not five minutes ago I saw a lovely bench block and actually thought I wanted it. Then I started counting what I already have. I think 12 or thereabouts is enough, don't you?

Below is a picture of where I put things together. Everything red or orangey is flame painted copper. Most black components are polymer clay or blued steel. Bottom left is aluminum (holey) and next to that is polymer veneer with sequins in it. There are some woven wire pieces here as well as pendants waiting to be combined with components and finished for hanging. The triangle with tabs in the center is actually flame painted copper, too.


The finished pendant at right is the same one seen in the picture of my work table on the right. From front to back there is a charm I made from a radial polishing wheel (light green), behind that a triangle of polymer clay, a swinging spiral of red brass wire is under wheel charm, under the spiral is a vertical of patina'd steel shim (steel blue that looks black here), that has a vine pattern applied to it and everything is backed by black polymer clay. It's the first of my House series.


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