Gluten Free Pancakes!

July 26, 2012

Well, being a wheat free person does have some advantages now thanks to all the new gluten free products – and thanks to THE gluten free pioneer for food: Betty Hagman. It never ceases to surprise me how much innovation begins in Seattle. Betty Hagman lived in the Seattle area…we're famous for our B's: Betty Hagman, Bill Gates, Boeing and then there's Amazon among other letters of the alphabet here.

Anyway, speaking of B's (oh please see how ingenious this segue is!), Bisquick has gotten on the gluten free bandwagon. Of course, always wishing for the days when I used to be at home and bake a lot as a Mom, I saw the recipes on the GF Bisquick and thought I would try it out. Bisquick always reminds me of the day I discovered dumplings. I had never had them, didn't even know what they were made of, until a friend brought us chicken and dumplings at a particularly difficult family time. Oh my! Such comfort food. When I learned what I had been missing I set out on a mission to make my own good dumplings. It was one of the few times I made a particularly gluey mess in my kitchen. But being determined, I eventually settled on using Bisquick to make dumplings. They weren't as tasty as my friend's lovely light dumplings but it was the best I could do considering what a mess I made on my own. I think the Bisquick had too much baking soda in it because it had that flavor. But nevertheless, I persevered and there were some good, hearty chicken and dumpling dinners at our table of a winter evening.

Since I had to stop eating wheat I haven't had any dumplings and the only pancakes I've had were the corn ones my Father used to make for me when I would stay the weekend. So there on a shelf was a box of promise in the guise of gluten free Bisquick. I quickly read the box to see what was really in it and if it would be as easy to employ as the regular Bisquick. It seemed to imply the same ease. I finally had the chance to try it this last week or so, first as a dredge for oven 'fried' chicken and today as pancakes. The dredge was good and made me hopeful… The pancakes were AWESOME! I made some blueberry pancakes and let me tell you: they were light, fluffy and wonderfully tasty topped with 100% maple syrup. Now I'm encouraged to make dumplings!


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