I Love Technology

May 13, 2012

I know the big tech companies are soaking us all for every last dollar. That’s pretty clear when Apple comes out with a phone that talks back using an app that was previously available to everyone in the App Store. Yes, Siri was there for the taking before Apple bought the software and put it into one phone model. An all inclusive piece of tech was hobbled to become exclusive tech; another carrot for a device that wasn’t earth shaking or innovative with new wing dings or googaws. I had Siri but once Apple got it they deactivated all previous versions of the app on Oct. 15 so we, the rabble out here with Apple devices other than THE iPhone 4S, could not use it. Selling out and shooting fish in a barrel has become a marketing strategy. How odd.

I do love technology despite humans with poor ethics giving it a bad name. I love my iPad. I couldn’t do what I do without it. So what do I do? I create and print my handouts for classes, create and maintain spreadsheets for the art center; sign, return in email and organize all of my contracts, and other forms or agreements; create art (yep! Paint, draw, collage!), process photos for PR, for fun and to share; I maintain multiple calendars: one for bookings and schedules for the art center, one for me (for classes, travel dates, appts., you name it); create PR pieces for myself and the art center, play games sitting in the airport and thanks to my iPad: I’ve read more books and magazines this last year than I have in the last three years because they’re always with me in my iPad or in my iPhone! So sitting in the Drs office I can read some of my current book while I wait. I love that.

A great app I found is called ReQall. It’s like Jot was but better because it integrates into your Outlook or Google calendar, automatically organizes things for you and reminds you of stuff. You talk into your phone and it takes it from there. For example: I recorded ‘Tuesday night dinner at xxxx’ and it appeared on May 15 in my ToDo list. You can arrange your own categories, tags and locations so that if you’re going by the store the app can remind you to get bread… I haven’t figured out how that works yet but I will.

There is also a setting to use it in ‘eyes free’ mode so when you’re in the car and think of something to note you can without having to look at your phone to do it.

There is an iOS and Android version so no one is left out really (well, you folks with Blackberries/RIM might feel left out but you have your own stuff).



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