I Just Want to Make Stuff

March 8, 2012

Artist’s are always saying ‘I just want to make stuff’. It’s not so easy sometimes. I’m sure we all know that I had my arm reconstructed. Things have been improving over this last year and a half until…this last month or so. I was beginning to think I undid my surgery somehow, (hauling luggage?). Then last week I get a hard painful lump right under some of the smaller incision scars that I have. By the next day the thing is standing up like a cartoon lump on Popeye’s head. Ahh, so that’s where this pain has been coming from. What to do? My Dr tells me it’s a ganglion cyst and to see my hand surgeon this week. Really? Again? And here I have all these trips going this year, hauling luggage and equipment. When will there be time to deal with this?

Of course I’ve backed off from using my hand but carrying everything on one side throws out my back. Sigh. I just want to make stuff.


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