Snow in March?

March 5, 2012

Okay, I’m sure no one is looking for my blog posts anymore after all the lag time between posts. Life is busy and there’s just so much to do: teaching, mentoring artists, travel teaching which has a lot of details that go with it, and I’m running the EDGE program right now. I just got back from Tucson two weeks ago and I leave soon for Santa Fe to teach at Bead Fest. Then my EDGE students graduate. Beyond that I’ll be off to Wild at Heart Studios on San Juan Island, WA, Bead Fest Spring in Philadelphia, Clay Fandango in the Orlando area, and I can’t even think where else right now. I just put one foot in front of the other, looking at the next thing and not all the rest. I don’t get overwhelmed that way.

So yeah, it snowed at my house today. More snow in Seattle? Really? So I made a little Snow Door Guardian to greet my guy when he got home. It was a silly moment of creativity. It was fun, cold and reminded me of being a kid in the snow. It also reminded me of how every moment was not planned but my time was still full. As a kid I didn’t have to work, of course, but it reminded me to remember to stop once in awhile, to take the time to just play. So remember to do just that. Take some time to play every day.



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