Organizing Your Artistic Year

January 23, 2012

 Okay, it’s a new year and the proverbial time to start afresh.  It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates every year and how much I find to donate or get rid of.  Truly there must be some mountain of stuff somewhere with my name on it.

  So here I am mucking out the studio so I can get more productive this year.  I have a monster show in Switzerland in November and know from the last time I did this show there were 8,000 people opening night.  I am not a production artist so I have to get with it now to have enough stuff for that show as well as the two galleries that carry my things.  So back to the business at hand: I’m re-organizing some things in the studio and refining the space like I do from time to time.  I think I have a dream of the uber organized space that I can walk into feely, sit down and start creating…why is that do hard?  I can rarely do that in my studio so thank gawk I can do that at ArtWorks.  Anyway, in scoping out options and trying to get a handle on that tiger named ‘DISorganized’ I found an interesting website I thought I would share: 

Maybe you’ll find something there that is helpful.



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