Comfort Points

November 7, 2011

Sunset at the Jersey Shore, Aug. 2011

Okay, it must be one of THOSE days… I’ve rewritten the first sentence to this post about four times now. I know what I want to say but keep coming at it from the wrong end. Need more coffee, (or in my case, tea, but today I’m drinking coffee). My brain isn’t awake yet and I feel the need to chemically induce wakefulness. It’s totally acceptable in my culture to do so, shoot, I live in the Seattle area where everyone is hopped up on the caffeine. We think that’s why ‘café’ is named such. Clearly it’s short for caffeine, isn’t it?
So perhaps the first thing you do in the morning is to chemically induce wakefulness and this is a comfort point for you. Like I said, I usually drink tea. For me it really depends on what I will enjoy more: quick wakefulness, (coffee) or that first wonderful sip of ahhhhhhh, (tea), because it reminds me of being in Paris late on a cold November day, sitting in a hustling, busy, brightly lit café in the afternoon gloom, across from the Trocadero waiting for dark to see the Eiffel Tower light up in anniversary splendor. I believe the tea was Richard’s ceylan or purple label, my favorite tea of all time. Too bad I can’t seem to find it in the U.S. I’m hoarding my last 10 tea bags of that stuff as if it were gold because it is 10 more comfort points down the road for me.
What’s with the comfort points? Think about the moments in your day where you know deep in your soul: this is good. That’s a comfort point. Or the thing that makes you stop for just a second and appreciate what you have going on. Like an artful coffee cup or lusciously warm socks on a cold day and you’re outside but your feet aren’t. Or Art Spa time creating away. Or how about that moment you crawl into your bed at night and relax, totally relax into it? Isn’t that a delicious moment in your life to savor? Whether the day was good or bad, that bed feels like the promise of something better yet to come.

Comfort points can be alluring and useful. It’s good to know what your comfort points are. It’s just as important as knowing what makes you uncomfortable since comfort points can be used in your favor.

No matter what, I try to build some comfort points into each day. I find that those mere moments (Ha Ha! Mer Moments [think Meredith] as they’re known around my house), are like an instant recharge so I can slog or dance through the rest of my day knowing I will crawl into my bed, relax, get that respite to wake up again and see what’s around the next corner of a new day.
I use comfort points to get me through the most dreaded tasks. They’re a reward. For example: get these contracts filled out and all parts sent and you can have a moment in Paris across from the Trocadero…


One Response to “Comfort Points”

  1. mariesegal said

    Nice Mer, very well said.
    I will be looking for those points more, I needed a reminder. You rock.
    Mine is having cup of coffee with whip cream on top feeling the heat go down my throat and the heat in my hands from the cup, the smell wafting up my nose. I do not drink coffee every day and cherish it when I do.
    Another is climbing in to clean sheets to go to sleep with freshly shaved legs, love that one.
    I am starting to think of many others now, Mer, thank you!!
    Thank you thank you!!

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