Rich and Artful Business

October 1, 2011


There is a secret to being a successful artist. You know how secrets like this always seem like a no brainer once you hear them? You kind of go: well, jeez, I KNEW that… As if the secret weren’t worth anything? But really the secret is ‘worth the price of admission’, as they say. It’s like a magician telling you how it’s done, is all. Once you know, the magic is gone.

So what is this secret to being a successful artist? Hmmm, first let’s define that word ‘successful’, shall we? I know the suspense is killing you. =)

What is this thing: successful? Each of us defines it for ourselves. For me it was a few things like having the time to be creative and make things, having enough money to pay my bills, and really just feeling like I’m living a rich and artful life. Like a warm, sunny, golden summer morning sitting on the patio swing with my fresh cup of tea in an enormous and lovely tea cup watching and listening to the birds. This ‘deep in your bones’ sigh of relaxation is rich, the view and sounds artful, joyful and amazing. To be able to have that rich moment in the first place is success to me. It’s the intangible part of success; the part we easily forget. Yet I can hold this piece of success in my mind forever so it’s a lasting success if I do just a simple thing: recognize it for what it is and remember it. It’s real life staring you in the eyeballs so see it like a magic trick all its own.

Now back to that secret you’re patiently waiting to hear about being a successful artist: the more artists you know the more successful you will be. It’s true. Artists understand what you put into your work better than the general public so they have an innate appreciation, if you will. Other artists that appreciate your work will talk about it or think of you when an appropriate opportunity pops up. You can’t afford to pay for this sort of service or PR. Other artists are more inclined to be curious about what your process is so they’re easier to educate about what it is that you do. Those that understand what went into a piece of work will appreciate it better and so speak about it better as well. Besides, knowing lots of other artists not only inspires you but makes for a really rich and artful life. Give yourself that gift and watch the puzzle pieces shift into place!



One Response to “Rich and Artful Business”

  1. mariesegal said

    This is nice. I am so very rich.
    So wonderful to see you there Mer.
    I miss your face!

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