Artist Busyness

September 27, 2011

I really don’t know what happened. Do you know how suddenly you’re in another week and don’t know how you got here already? It’s kinda like that around here right now. I feel like I just got back from Bead Fest Philadelphia, haven’t totally unpacked even, and now it’s time to get my act together for Bead Fest Texas already. Sheesh. Can’t a girl breathe around here?

Okay, so the lessons of such busyness are:

Sometimes you have to make your art in the little spaces between all the busyness. Don’t wait for the big chunk of time! It might not ever exist.

Remember: busy artist is a good thing. There have been years when no one even knew I was alive or that I was even an artist. I thank my lucky stars today that I have work and people want my work.

Busy is a result of a lot of hard work and effort. Don’t waste it.

But remember to always work smarter and not harder. That means look for the bigger bang for your buck like having a good website or blog. Those things are available to people even when you’re sleeping. Or check into using Square, ( to process credit card sales on the fly through your phone. The fee is simple to understand, you get a card swiper that fits into the audio jack for your phone type and making sales simple for selling your work couldn’t be easier.

What is your best ‘work smarter not harder’ strategy? Post it and share with the rest of us please!


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