Where Have I Been?

September 6, 2011

Well, I got home from Philadelphia and tried to use my computer to update my blog. So what happened?  I think the computer spends so much time updating and upgrading, I never get to use it… It turned out that my computer had some issue with .NET Framework.  Do you know what that is? Apparently it is some program that resides in Windows so that all programs can use it. Okay, that sounds pretty ambiguous. All I know is that it ends up with a computer that is unusable. even Dragon NaturallySpeaking would work and that was my first clue. I hate that. I spent the better part of this last week trying to get my computer up to snuff. And here I have the Edmonds Art Studio Tour coming up next week.

Anyway, I wish my current computer were like my iPad. Every time I turned it on it works. Isn’t that a dream? But unfortunately online some thing’s don’t work with the iPad. like flash video. I ran into that problem all the time. Someday when companies can get along we, the end-users, will actually get machines we can use. See?  There’s politics in everything.  Don’t get me wrong. I do love technology. But I hate it when people’s issues get in the way of product.


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