Gluten Free Baking in Five Minutes?

July 28, 2011

Once I figured out my wheat allergy has grown into a large problem I stopped baking, pretty much.  I used to bake a lot of the presents we would give for holidays.  It was fun getting out all the ingredients, my tools and utensils, the spices, my special recipes and all that.  It is the only time my mixer even gets used.  But that’s been all in the past once I figured out it was problematic to bake wheat free. The problems I encountered were crumbly bread, dense and heavy baked goods, and strange flavors.  Then recently I was in the bookstore and I saw this book: ‘ Gluten Free Baking in Five Minutes’.  What? How could you bake anything in 5 min.??  Okay so I was all ears, er eyes…

As I started flipping through this book I realized that they were baking in a microwave! Wow! I didn’t know you could bake in the microwave.  I had to buy the book, of course. So since last week I have had fresh baked English muffin for a couple of breakfasts, an Extreme Chocolate Cake, (2 servings were almost too much!), and a hearty piece of cinnamon raisin bread.  I had to substitute cranberry raisins because I didn’t have raisins but it was still good. What’s nice about this book is not only is it quick using the microwave, but the recipes are in small amounts. The servings are usually one or two per recipe.  I like that idea because I really don’t need a big old pan of brownies looking at me, if you know what I mean.  Because of this, this is the perfect book for people who live alone or have a small household like I do.

The recipes in this book include tortilla, hot dog bun, hamburger bun, bagel, flatbread, apple crisp, different cakes, pancakes, and there are some side dishes and sauces that usually aren’t made with wheat or gluten anyway just to round things out.  I have to say the first time I tried baking from this book I was getting ready for work area I decided that for breakfast I was coined have English muffin and an egg. I only had about half an hour to spend before I really had to get ready for work and not be late. I figured this was a good trial. From beginning to and it took me 20 min. to mix up the English muffin recipe, bake it for 2 min., and eat it. I was thrilled! Not only was the English muffin good but it reminded me of something I’ve missed dearly: cream of wheat.  What a treat to be able to bake and not make a big mess,invest a lot of time, and still be able to eat freshly baked goods. I can hardly believe my good fortune. So if you’re interested about this written by Roben Ryberg and is available on Amazon. I absolutely love it. At night before I go to bed I find myself perusing through the pages thinking about what I’m going to make tomorrow.  I leave the book out so that I see it first thing in the morning, then I pick it up and I look at it some more in the morning as I figure out what I’m going to make today. What a lovely gift this book is.  I have to thank the author for making my baking life come alive again.


One Response to “Gluten Free Baking in Five Minutes?”

  1. Pörrö said

    Aww. I am SO happy.

    I was at good consert today, and finally found an artist that writes songs that could be from my life – I mean they actually fit to my real feelings and are not just the surface of life and everything. I dont have to force myself to “feeling the words”. I felt like having bread at last. I think I get this too, the amazement that actually it is possible to bake – wheet free – and have something like that instead of that frozen bread or dead dry thing sold to wheet allergics.

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