Artist Wants Anvil

July 26, 2011

I have been shopping for an anvil. Which apparently Dragon NaturallySpeaking has a hard time with. So far it’s spelled Annville, amble, and a variety of other funny things. Anyway, back to the point: I am looking for an anvil. In my shopping for this particular item that Dragon NaturallySpeaking has a hard time spelling properly, I have learned some very interesting things. Consider this an educational excursion. Or diversion. Or maybe it’s just an all-out straying.

What I found is this: not only are and voles and making of them and art, see what Dragon NaturallySpeaking did?  I think I’m not going to correct these errors and see what we end up with. It could end up being an hilarious post.  Okay back to the subject of and. Oh you know what I mean.anyway I have learned that there is an art to finding the right and will, I mean and evil, let’s try and pull, darn it! Alright so there is a learning curve with Dragon NaturallySpeaking what can I say? Going on, I learned that to find the right one that works well it has to ring. So you take a hammer and you All around the top surface and listen to the sound. The top surface should ring everywhere you tap with the hammer. If you hear a dull thunk or client, what? I said slunk, this is getting really funny. I can see you now laughing all over yourself on the floor. Me, I’m just trying to talk. Okay as I was saying if you hear a song it means, how did I get song when I said sunk, do I just give up?

I’m going to try this again. When you tap all around the top surface you listen for the ring. If you hear a different sound like a dull flood then you may have a broken handle. That’s not what I said. I said if you would hear a dull funk then you have a crack in your amble. For an ample to work right it needs to be one solid piece. There needs to be mass behind where you pound with the hammer. The point is to move metal and shape it with a hammer. So the surface that you’re pounding on should be really hard and not springy. I’ve learned it doesn’t matter if it’s cast steel or cast-iron as long as it’s hardened enough. You don’t want the surface to become pitted or dented when you’re trying to move your metal. The other thing I’ve learned is that and. Can be sold for as much as $3000! Some and bowls go up to hundreds of hundreds of pounds. The heavier the handle the more it costs. I just like to get an 8 pound Annable.  And someday I would like to know how to say gamble so that Dragon Naturally Speaking can get it right.


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