The Weirdest USB Gadgets Ever

July 19, 2011

Wired magazine compiled a list of the weirdest USB gadgets recently. When I went to look at them I was struck by the creativity that went into some of these things. Not only are they unique ideas but there is an amount of challenge in making them into actual products. Of course there are some that made me think ‘who would ever want that?’ but by and large, there are some clever and some hilarious inventions worth seeing here:

Also: pardon the strange spellings of late.  I have been posting from my iPad and I see I have some quirky typisms with that keyboard.  Every time I try to hit the space bar I seem to hit the letter ‘m’ instead and I hit ‘t’ instead of ‘r’.   It must be the way I’m sitting or maybe it’s because my right hand is still all trussed up?  Oh well, just bear with me?  I’m bouncing between iPad, Dragon Naturally Speaking and an actual keyboard so things are bound to change up!  I’m just trying to keep my brain young.  =)


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