Aunt Nan’s Electic Ink and Blabula Blog

July 14, 2011

My good friend Nan has ventured into BlogLand!  I have learned a lot from Nan over the years, thank goodness.  She has wisely instructed, advised, commiserated, whined, complained, laughed, and hugged with me through many trials, hilarious adventures and events.   She’s a great writer and artist so expect to read some hilarious posts and see some great info:

Her first post was about how she’s been learning to crochet.  She saw my polka dotty, felted bag, (all crochet and no one believes me except for Nan) and was inspired to go forth and conquer.  She’s been very persistent in this venture, which is good, because beginning crochet is not always pretty…uh, particularly hers.  Notice how she didn’t post any pictures?  Honestly, I don’t know what she did but the great thing about crochet is just keep going and eventually your tension, the yarn and your hands all fall into place.  REALLY! (for Nan since I know she’s reading this).

Have fun reading Nan!


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