Reaction IS an Action

July 7, 2011

I was thinking about how much time and energy are spent in reaction to events. Reaction drains energy from us quickly, siphoning it off to places maybe we don’t want to go. The opposite of reaction? Pro-action. I think pro action is taking matters into your own hands. When you’re being proactive you are seeing ahead of time in a sense what needs to be done. This empowers the individual to have some control over situations. Reaction events have control over you instead of you having control over them.

So what does it take to not be in the reactive mode but in the proactive mode? It requires taking a step back in every situation which is often difficult. With that amount of distance that small step back you can look at a situation with a better balanced by. It gives you the space to look it over and decide to give it energy. When you have the space to choose where your energy goes you have more energy to create. I don’t know if this makes any sense. I could be talking in the air again, I do that a lot. But if one person gets this today then this is a good thing to mention. I know it’s hard in any given situation to step back and look at it and think to yourself is this where I jump in? Is this important enough for me to fight this battle? Or could I choose to leave it alone, not react, and instead find a way to make this work for me?


One Response to “Reaction IS an Action”

  1. marie said

    I get it!!
    Wow, good one Mer.

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