Life is Like Wire

July 5, 2011

Recently I’ve been working more with wire. I found that it’s something I can actually do and it’s fun. When I was able to do other things I wasn’t as interested in what wire could do. Also my focus was probably in other places. But I found in working with wire that there are parallels between life and wire. Like life, wire doesn’t like to be pulled along. In fact to work with wire you push it around the form rather than pull it. Once you have this premise about wire it”s easier to work with and you have better control over it. I think this really works in life too.

If you pull your life along or have to pull yourself out of bed, it’s always a struggle. Pulling oneself a long makes me think of the old saying “kicking and screaming”. That means someone has to drag you. But publishing your own lifelong means your living under your own power. I like to live under my own power. That means I have the freedom to choose, the liberty to decide for myself. I know that there is a common issue in our country right now where everyone wants to decide for everyone else. This is not freedom. Freedom does not mean telling others how they should live, how they should be, or that what you think or someone else thinks is the right way. Freedom is in the ability to choose. Take that ability to choose away and there is no freedom. 

There is something my husband found at a garage sale one time. He found a cache of audiocassettes. He wanted the boxes not the actual tapes themselves. One of the cassettes had some hand drawn art on it. There’s a picture of Buddha and a saying on the box. It says “it is better to raise up then to push down”. And I say it is better to push up then to pull up. Smile.


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