Dragon Naturally Speaking

June 30, 2011

Today I’m using Dragon Naturally Speaking. I just talk into a microphone headset and it types it for me. This makes ideas flow more freely for blogging and e-mail and even when I’m writing class proposals. It’s amazing to see your words come out of your face onto the screen. It sure saves my hands.

It even has punctuation and different commands for formatting so I have to do is say what you want to have typed. It makes me laugh and heady with power! I’m still getting used to how to make this work but I understand now that as long as I speak conversationally and all comes through just right. It’s just like the TV commercial!! Sorry to Yell but it’s very exciting to me. I find myself wanting to say thank you to the program which is really stupid. It doesn’t know how much it’s saving my hands or helping me out. Or maybe I’m just too polite!

So if you get a chance to play around with Dragon Naturally Speaking I encourage you to do so. I got my copy from Buy.com for about $28 which is a great price. It even includes a special speech pack and the free upgrade to the new Dragon 11.5. I tell you it’s worth checking out. It might even help your creativity to be able to just talk instead of have to use a pen or to type on a keyboard. It takes a little bit of practice but once you get used to it and once you’ve trained it how to listen to you, the way that you speak, the speech pattern that you have, and your inflections, Dragon is ever worth every penny. In fact I just wrote this blog in less than 5 min. and usually it takes me at least 30 to 45 min. every blog post just to compose and format it the way that I want it. It’s pretty fun to play around with but I can see where it will save me time and I will be more productive because of it. Saved time means more studio time for me. Woo Hoo!


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