Alright Already…Slow Down!

June 24, 2011

When did life turn into the speed of light? Can anybody tell me when it switched from lazy days watching bugs in the grass or spending part of a day looking at clouds and hunting for anthills to this supersonic speed of days flashing by as if I’m living on a bullet train traveling at 120 mph? It isn’t even summer yet in Seattle and I feel like summer is almost over already… I know, the rest if the country is in the oven except Minnesota and Seattle. I’ve heard. So does the heat slow down your days? Is life running so fast here because it’s not as warm as the rest if the country? There’s an interesting thought.
Oh and on another topic: remember Sharkey Shark? He’s still hanging around looking for the pigs and what not. I’m sure he’s going to cause some trouble very soon…stay tuned.


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