I’m Collecting Kens…Besides Pens

June 7, 2011

So what is this ‘collecting Kens’ business anyway?  Some of you know that I run a small artist’s community center/art center called ArtWorks.  I’m going on my third year now, (time flies!).   I took over this job from an artist by the name of Ken Smith.  I knew Ken before this from my teaching job for ArtsNow/Edmonds Community College because my classes for EdCC had been housed at ArtWorks.  I recall joking one time in a meeting with my boss in ArtsNow/friend, Cami Smith and  Ken Smith, (no relation), that I have a theory that the Smith’s are taking over the world…    Hmmm, think about Joseph Smith, (Latter Day Saint fame), Will Smith, Bubba Smith…Worthington G. Smith, (Google ’em!)…

So later down the road:  I hired a teacher a couple of years ago by the name of Ken and I am married to a different man, also named Ken.  It was then I realized that I’m collecting Kens!

Last summer some people came into ArtWorks needing a space for their Tai Chi practice.  I talked to the guy a bit to see what they would need for their group, gave them the nickel tour of the place and then I said:    There is one thing though.  I have to ask you to change you to change your name to Ken because all the guys hooked up to this building are named Ken. 

There was  split second pause and he started laughing.  Then he said:

That’s funny!  MY name is Ken!  And as it turns out, his name is Ken Wright!

So I told this story to Ken Bova last week when I took his class… =)

To see info about people and places referred in this post:

ArtWorks:  www.artworks-edmonds.org

Ken Smith:  www.kw-smithstudio.com

Cami Smith: www.bluetangoartfactory.com/ (see the Links page)

Ken Wright: www.kenwrighttaichi.com

Ken Bova: www.kenbova.com


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