Metalsmithing Passion

June 4, 2011

Lucky ME!  I took a two day class with Ken Bova, (,  after the SNAG conference.  He makes me wish we had an MFA in Metalsmithing program here at the University of Washington still.  All the great tips and tricks that would take me more than a lifetime to figure out stuffed into two days made me aware that there are so many more tips and tricks…and just not enough time in a two day class!

The first hands-on thing was to forge a hammer head.  Not a big lunking hammer head but a small jewelry making hammer head from a big, big nail.  My hands aren’t ready for the hammering so Ken forged my hammer head for me (THANKS KEN!).  I do so wish I could forge my own but I’m hoping that next year I will!  I have a few more hammers that I would like to make for specific reasons and it’s really cool to change hot metal.  I will have to work harder at hand strength and start building up lost muscle tissue for this so that everything will be ready once all my pieces are healed up, (it’s been 9 months already and I’m getting impatient).

Anyway, I’ll post a picture of my little hammer soon.  And I’ll tell you the story about how I’m collecting Kens next time…


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