SNAG Conference, iPads and Artists

May 19, 2011

The Society of North American Goldsmith’s conference is in Seattle next week! There is a very cool trunk show scheduled May 29th at the Westin Hotel. This is an opportunity to see unique handmade art jewelry and the artists that make it. This is the best of the best in the U.S.! Right here in Seattle. It will be so amazing. Too bad, I’m out of town… I had planned on going but didn’t realize the dates were the same as a vacation trip…yeah, imagine that: a vacation trip. I usually only travel for work!

I will get to take a class with Ken Bova though. I can hardly wait! He’s here because of the SNAG conference and is teaching a class at The Ranch in Snohomish that just happened to land on my days off. My husband was still very nice to me despite having to cut our vacation a day short so I can attend the class. Of course I didn’t figure out all this snafu with the dates until a couple of days ago. Ugh.

So have I mentioned at least a zillion times how much I love my iPad? I have made it my primary machine for work, scheduling and everything. The old laptop is very lonesome which is fine by me. The iPad is much faster, lighter and does a lot more for less money. What does that mean? Well, I can convert documents into .PDF’s, sign contracts that are in .PDF format and email them back without printing anything out, create E-receipts and email them in a jiffy, read books, watch movies or TV, create podcasts, and have the iPad read things to me when I’m driving or whatever, (email, articles, newspapers, etc.). For all of that capability I spent a grand total of less than $10. On my PC that would have cost me a ton more than that! So it’s almost a year since I got my iPad and, yes, it’s the best thing ever…still!
I just got a cool program for free that let’s you play with different color palettes. Another program let’s you vintage-ize photographs. That will be fun to include vintage looking original photographs into my collages. I also have a couple of great sketching programs, too. All in one portable machine! It just gets better and better.


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