SNAG Conference Coming!

April 28, 2011

The Society of North American Goldsmith’s is holding their annual conference in Seattle this year.  The conference runs May 26 through May 29 ending with a trunk show, an amazing trunk show, featuring 60 established and emerging jewelry artists.  HOW COOL IS THAT??

I know some of the people participating in the trunk show and can’t wait to see their work on display.  I’m also excited because I’m going to take a two day workshop with Ken Bova, (  I am completely looking forward to this opportunity because of the genre of his work.  Ken Bova uses a variety of materials (me, too!).  He likes to collage his materials (me, too!). He uses a lot of birds, (ME, too!).

Ken Bova brooch at Facere Gallery., TOO!)...and yet our work is not similar. Some elements are similar (just by chance, by the way) but the work is clearly individual.

I’ve been aware of Ken Bova’s work for some time.  I have a picture of a brooch of his on the wall above my work table.  I’ve seen some pieces at Facere Gallery in Seattle,

Brooch by Ken Bova at Facere Gallery.

( but haven’t really studied his work or anything.  I just know that I’m attracted to some of the pieces I’ve seen.

I rarely get to take a class and be the student so this is super exciting.  I debated and debated whether I could really justify attending.  This workshop just happens to be on my days off… an omen? Back and forth I debated.

Finally I decided that just getting to spend two days learning and making things was worth whatever the price. YAY!


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