Dear Sharky Shark…

April 26, 2011

Dear Sharky Shark,

I got an email for you last week from a friend.  There was a message referring you to a blog you would like.  The blog is written by a friend of mine, Cassy Muronaka.  She is a woman with teeth – rather fitting, don’t you think Sharky?

Yes there is a story about that “Woman with Teeth” and it is Cassy’s story actually.  We even created an emoticon for ‘woman with teeth’:


See what I mean?  The story is Cassy’s, the emoticon is mine.  Trust me, we have laughed ourselves silly over lunch and never knew if we even ate…

Anyway, Sharky, you would really only care about seeing this:

If it’s at all possible, Sharky, let me know what you think in any way other than drool okay?


One Response to “Dear Sharky Shark…”

  1. cassymuronaka said

    Aw…………. I feel the same way about your blog.



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