I’m a Ready Made Junkie

April 21, 2011

I admit it.  I am a Ready Made junkie.  If you have never heard of Ready Made magazine, let me be the first to tell you what you’re missing:

First off, Ready Made is inexpensive which makes total sense considering what it’s about.  Ready Made is about doing it yourself,  re-using materials and making some cool stuff.  It’s chock full of resources, ideas for making your own lamps, car campers, shelves, clothes, chandeliers, plastic bag placemats, chopstick bowls, shopping cart table, even a googly eyeball dress (Halloween anyone?).  Ready Made sponsors a 100 top projects with many of the winning entries available online at their website, (www.readymade.com/rm100).

The first time I ever read one of these magazines there was a very cool article about a guy who built his own car camper to support his surfing habit.  He had also altered a suitcase to hold more stuff and included a sliding tray to hold his art supplies.  It was very cool.  So many things to do!  So little time!


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