Your Life Goes Here

April 19, 2011

Elizabeth Sheets children's book.

I belong to an book artists group that we call ‘Bookies’ but really is officially ‘The Belltown Book Artists”.  We meet the last Tuesday of each month at the Uptown Espresso Cafe in Belltown/Seattle.  It’s an informal group, no dues or officers.  We mostly do show ‘n tell and trade resources, tips and art supplies.  The creations are all mixed media with everyone going through their own trends.  For example, illustrator and book creator Liz Sheets, ( is currently going through a seriously cool steampunk phase with her books.  It’s amazing what she’s doing to make book covers that include gears and cogs under glass lenses, metal fittings and ‘patina antiquing’ for the pages, etc.  Beautiful stuff!  Check out to see her illustrations on moo cards, too.

There is another artist in the group that is always so supportive of everyone else, so positive and just a joy to know.  Lynne Kelly has aptly named her website Your Life Goes Here,  (  She has made many book structures that include actual people’s homes, buildings and commemorative pieces.  She also has a limited edition book made from solid sterling silver!

Sterling silver book by Lynne Kelly

Lynne often brings mechanical issues that she’s trying to solve to a bookies meeting and we all pitch in from our different creative perspectives to provide a pool of ideas for her to choose from.  The end results are always amazing.  For example, she needed to be able to take the roof off to view inside a chapel (chapel book, get it?),  and the roof itself would be a book, (as are the pews inside, etc.).  She also wanted to include candles for the altar.  How do you include candle light without burning the book up and have a removable roof but have it remain on until you want to take it off?  She opted to use magnets to hold the roof onto the chapel and used battery operated votive candles for the altar…  This piece is the subject of a YouTube video available for viewing from her website.

It means so much to see these works in progress.  We all feel like we have a personal investment in her success once it’s done because of the privilege of seeing the work in the forming stages.  Don’t be afraid to show your work in progress!


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