The Moment You Choose to Live

April 14, 2011

I was sitting at a very special memorial service for Ron Hudson, jazz photographer extraordinaire in Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, a jazz club here in Seattle.  Ron photographed all the greats in jazz for decades in trademark black and white and always gave a photo to the musicians he photographed.  He attended jazz festivals from Monterey to Montreaux regularly to ply his craft.  Someone said that when you look at his images you can feel the music coming out of the musician.  It’s true.  You can see his incredible pictures, etc. at

I didn’t know Ron Hudson personally but I know his wife, Chris.  I can’t really speak about Ron from a personal perspective, however I listened to relatives and friends speak about him throughout the evening between incredible jazz performances by the Roosevelt High School Jazz Band and Origin Label’s All Stars (Chad McCullough, John Bishop, Thomas Marriott, Mark Taylor, Chuck Deardorf, Rick Mandyck).  There are a couple of things that I want to pass on from this lovely evening of celebrating Ron Hudson’s life.

First off, it isn’t what we all want to do (go to a memorial, funeral or celebration of life),  but when we do we are reminded of things we tend to forget, take for granted or are shown how to see something about our lives in a new way.  Besides remembering someone special it is also a ‘re-learning’ opportunity to live our lives a little deeper, a little richer and be more aware of things.

One person reported that Ron told him:  “There is no better moment than now to live” (I’m paraphrasing here),   meaning that this moment with his family or friend was THE moment to seize.  This struck me.  This is THE moment.  The moment *you* choose to live. THE moment is now, whatever is going on, whoever you’re with:  be in that moment and get all it has to give.

One of the people said that just standing next to Ron made them feel better.  That’s an amazing thing to say about someone.  Are you that someone?


One Response to “The Moment You Choose to Live”

  1. And this moment… and now…and now…and now…and now…and now…and now!
    It is always better place when some one of this caliber sheds and shares their light with the planet.
    May we all be Rons in this world…now …and now… and now.

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