Feeling Less Than Worthy

April 12, 2011

I know everyone has times when they feel less than worthy.  This is universal.  There are those that always feel less than worthy and they are targets for trouble and abusers.  That creates that vicious cycle: feeling less than worthy, someone else ‘proves’ you’re less than worthy, feeling less than worthy…and on it goes.  Artists are especially prone to this because they are often seeing the world differently than the  general population.  That makes them a target to begin with because they’re standing out from the crowd – though I prefer to view them as outstanding in the crowd…  It’s all in how you choose to see, really.

Know that abusers lay all the shame and blame on their victims; victims are those easy to do this with.  Simple answer is: don’t be easy for others to shame and blame.  Don’t take it on,  it isn’t yours to take.  It’s easy to be abused if you allow others to have the power.  Each one of us has power to change whatever we want to change.  We can choose differently, choose to take our power back for us to use and not be abused, choose to use our power for good and not evil.  So what are you choosing today?

Books to check out:

The Gift of Imperfection by Dr. Brene Brown

All That is Bitter and Sweet: a Memoir by Ashley Judd

Go for your own life today!


2 Responses to “Feeling Less Than Worthy”

  1. Nice Mer, very nice!!

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