How to ‘Make’ It

March 29, 2011

What does that mean, ‘make it’?  It’s different for everyone.  It’s good to define this for yourself otherwise you never know where you are on YOUR scale of things.  Otherwise, you’re living your life on someone else’s scale.  Think about that.  What the heck are you doing using up your life living on someone else’s scale of things? Make your own scale: what’s important to you? What would your joy list be? What would make you feel satisfied with your life, your work, your self?  Do it.  That’s how to ‘make it’.  Really.

The best advice my Mom ever gave me from the time I was young was that I could do whatever I put my mind to.   I have to come back again and again and thank my Mom for that amazing piece of advice.  The confidence she always said it with baffled me but now I understand.  Thanks Mom.  I know you didn’t get that as girl or woman and you were making sure I did.

All of my life I have known that I could do whatever I really focused on.  What I didn’t know was how many different things I could put my mind to, uh, in my case, all at once…  Okay actually, it surprises me that whatever I put my mind to happens.  It also surprises me what I find to put my mind to.

It’s good to be surprised.  =)




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