Off on a Tangent

March 24, 2011

Do you ever go off on a tangent?  Seems like all artists do this.  I sometimes wonder what it is that grabs us so.  It could be a sudden desire to use texture or stencils in our work or, uh, vintage fountain pens… yeah that’s it. =)

This looks like my Mont Blanc 585 but it's a 221...

I started going around the studio and collecting all of the fountain pens I could find sort of looking for my favorite one, an old Parker 45 from the 1960’s.  I really didn’t realize that I had so many fountain pens.  I’ve 14 now but not my favorite Parker 45 or the Schaeffer aqua with polka dots one that I got new in the 70’s.  There is probably a cache here of pens I’ve forgotten tucked away with that Parker 45 and maybe some ink cartridges for my Mont Blanc fountain pen.  I must have deemed them ‘valuable’ one day and put them in some protected place.  Every time I do something like that I can’t find it.

Maybe I have enough fountain pens now?

Isn't this a pretty pen nib? It's called an inlaid nib by Schaeffer. I don't own one of these...yet!

I'm still looking for my Parker 45!


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