Bead Fest Santa Fe

March 11, 2011

It’s Bead Fest Santa Fe! I love coming to Santa Fe this time of year: You never know what the weather will do. Last year it snowed a ton and I had to drive about 20 minutes out from the convention center to get to my hotel which ended up being an hour and a half one night after class. I saw snow in the forecast for this year, too, but the day temps are supposed to in the 50’s-60’s so it will just be pretty if it does snow.

I’m teaching a class about making photopolymer plates…what? Yeah, it’s a mouthful. Photopolymer plates are a way for printmakers to make plates using UV light. What I teach could be used for that but my program is focused on making these plates as texture plates for working with polymer and metal clays. What could be better? It’s a printing plate better than a rubber stamp that will work on paper, polymer or metal clay. Oh so many choices! I have some ideas to print pages for books, use the plates to print on collage, and make some corresponding textures or backgrounds for some collage panels. Oh the ideas go on and on… =)


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