Outsider Art

March 1, 2011


What is Outsider Art?  To define it simply: raw art or rough art.  The term was coined by an art critic, Roger Cardinal, in 1972 after it was created by a French artist, Jean DeBuffet, who used the term ‘Art Brut’ to apply to art created outside the parameters of normal culture.  Jean DeBuffet focused on art by insane asylum patients.

This genre can include Naive and ‘inmate’ art through the ages.  Once in awhile you’ll see handmade Outsider Art shown on the antiques roadshow.  That piece made from scrap metal/bottle caps or wood scraps would qualify – this isn’t a new art category.

One of the things that artists often neglect is understanding and interacting with their own world: the world of art.  Art is not created in a vacuum even in the backwoods of isolated places in the world.  Artists create their work from impressions and as expressions of the world around them.  Take a look at art every week.  Go to a gallery of work you’re not familiar with.  Look for different genres of work to see.  On that note, follow the link below to see the 2011 Outsider Art Fair in New York.  It will only take 12 minutes of your time but you’ll come away inspired with some new ideas, new ways of looking at art and maybe even some new work of your own.


Or take a minute to go look at Outsider Art here:

http://www.outsiderart.info/ or learn more about outsider art here:




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