Tips for Tape and Other Freebies

February 22, 2011

Real Simple magazine has a bunch of tips available on their website, One of the best pieces of advice I’ve seen is to use a toothpick to hold the edge of a roll of packing tape.  Brilliant.  They have lots more for free!  Go see! has all sorts of stuff on their website: a daily jewelry making related tip, blog, articles, tutorials and video tutorials – all for free!  They have a resource center on the site that includes free wire patterns, articles on  inventory and pricing your work, home business tips, all about gem stones and a lots more.

My friend Dale Cougar Armstrong writes the blog and is the face in their videos because she is the square wire jewelry maker extraordinaire.  We teach together in Tucson.  If you like to work with wire I suggest getting her amazing DVD’s . Even though I work very little with wire I watch Dale’s videos in the Wire-Sculpture booth when we’re in Tucson.   I am always marveling at how efficient Dale’s communication is when she teaches.  It’s cool.  An excellent lesson in teaching for me.


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