Inspiration Lost?

February 15, 2011

Etched bracelet by Meredith Arnold

It’s hard to always be inspired.  Winter gives me the ‘slows’.  The dark, damp and cold days get to me after awhile and I become a slug.  I have a hard time getting out to do anything or provide my personal days with any structure.   To avoid this every year I have ‘inspiration plans’.

Inspiration Plans

An inspiration plan begins with collecting resources that will inspire you.  It’s not hard to find stuff, it just takes a little time.  Thanks to the internet it’s a lot simpler to do now.   Whenever I’m feeling blah-ish I take advantage of the resources that I’ve collected.  It’s very inspiring!

My favorite inspiration boosters are at

I can go there and watch snippets from their new DVD’s and get new ideas in minutes.  If I’m not inspired enough, I can buy and download a video from there in mere moments and really get a good dose of inspiration watching an artist show how they do what they do.  It’s so cool.   They’re always producing new DVD’s and each one has a vidcast snippet for free!

Another great resource is This site is for the PBS Create! show ‘Beads, Baubles and Jewels’.  It’s free to register for the site and there are all sorts of interesting things there including complete project instructions written by some of the most popular jewelry artists in the US today.

There are also video clips and artist interviews from the show on topics ranging from creating talismans, soldering, creating textures, steampunk stuff and what inspires others.   Check out episode #1308 and you’ll see the project I wrote as well as the corresponding video segment we shot in Santa Fe last year.


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